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Able Community Development is a community center dedicated to fostering the emotional and physical enrichment and development of members of all ages. Able Community Development is located in the City of Richmond,California and offers a multiple program services to help low income and disadvantaged people to enable to be self-sufficient and live in health environment.


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Able Community Development is dedicated to enriching the lives of community members in the West Contra Costa. Our volunteer staff work extra hard all year long in order to keep things interesting at Able Community Development! There are a variety of programs and activities available for people of all ages to engage in, and we’re happy to offer our community a wide range of options for them to enjoy.

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Food emergency project 

Activities for Everyone to Enjoy

The Able Community Development raised money to purchase 200 bags to rice to distribute to 200 Asian families who face the food shortage.


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Quality time for children and family consists of friendly faces, imaginary places and lots of fun! Your family will love our Wellness. These programs are specifically designed with age-appropriate needs in mind. Take a look at all the fun activities we are offering this year!


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Enhancing the Quality of Life

Since 2018, Able Community Development has played a major role in the West Contra Costa County community. Our center is a place of gathering where members can come together to socialize and engage in healthy activities together. At Able Community Development, our mission is to enhance the community’s quality of life by providing residents a wide range of recreational, and social activities that are both unifying and empowering. 
 For many years, we have been making an impact on the lives of members in the community through our wide range of enriching programs and events. What started off as a big idea in a small space, has grown to be the hub for recreational enrichment.


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Seniors Activities 

January 1, 2020

The Asian seniors 

Asian senior meeting 

February 15, 2020



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Organic Farming and animal husbandry project in rural area in Laos..

Give Back to the Community

The ABLE Community Development Foundation launched the small project in organic farming and animal husbandry working with local people in Luang Namtha Province, Luang Prabang Province and Champasak Province to grow the organic produces, goat and chicken farms. 


Sery Tatpaporn, Executive Director 

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