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Welcome to Able Community Development

The community needs you.

MISSION:Able Community Development is a community center dedicated to fostering the emotional and physical enrichment and development of community members of all ages. 
Able Community Development is located in the City of Richmond and in the City of Sacramento,California and offers a multiple program services to help low income and disadvantaged people to enable to be self-sufficient and live in health environment.

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Something for Everyone

Able Community Development is dedicated to enriching the lives of community members in the West Contra Costa and the community along the Martin Luther King Boulevard, Sacramento, California. 
Our  staff work and volunteers work extra hard all year long in order to keep things interesting at Able Community Development! 
There are a variety of programs and activities available for people of all ages to engage in, and we’re happy to offer our community a wide range of options for them to enjoy.

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Food emergency and food pantry project 

Activities for Everyone to Enjoy

The Able Community Development raised money to purchase 200 bags of rice to distribute to 200 Asian families who face the food shortage. The food pantry is a partner of the Contra Costa and Solano County Food Bank. We serve 135 families and 753 individuals. 

Asian Senior Health and Wellness

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The Asian senior Health and Wellness is a project that promote 


Covid 19 pandemic Education and Access to services.

Stay healthy is a challenge among the elderly population.

Covid 19 pandemic has affected many Asian people and undermine their physical and mental health and wellness, especially Laotian refugees and immigrants in the low income communities.

Violence Prevention and Education

Stop the violence 

The violence 





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Community Leadership team

If there is a Will there is a Way 

The team is committed to serve the multi ethnic community of Asian descents. 

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Sery Tatpaporn, President/CEO

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1963 Carlson Blvd Richmond, CA 94804
7811 Dalewoods Way, Sacramento, CA 95828

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AAPI Community Alliance 

In response to the calls of so many peopl who need assistance in Sacrament community..

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Home: Oversea Projects

Lao Bamboo Preservation Project 

Stop by Our Center

The Project is a part of the contribution to the remedy of the Climate changes that effect the humanity. The Lao Bamboo Preservation will sustain the bamboo forest in the long term. 


Paddy rice field 

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Chicken farm in Luang Prabang 

Activities for Everyone to Enjoy

The new project to develop the chicken farm with 100 chicken.


Goat farm in Laos

One family at a time. 

The ABLE Community Development Foundation has the rural development  Project working with the Khmu people  in Luang Prabang province. We assist people by providing the goats to families to raise them.

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